Skyon Polycarbonate Awning.

Skyon Polycarbonate Awnings

Durable . Modern . Affordable awnings

Skyon – a remarkable new awning product as unique as its name, is made using state-of-the-art 100% “green” polymer materials from Germany to create an elegant and durable window or door awning.

Skyon awnings are designed to add aesthetical appeal and function to any building, as its name implies our awnings allows natural “sky” light to filter through its transparent surface but blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. Available in an array of colours to match the décor of your building’s exterior, Skyon awnings are a breath of fresh air over other dated alternatives and are a must have for any residential or commercial building to protect their windows, doors and shop fronts from the harsh Caribbean weather.

Our awnings are sleek and modern in design and are cost effective to install, its unique design also allows for continuous installation spanning over long corridors or walkways. Skyon awnings are available through Doxa Enterprises (Caribbean) Ltd located at 36B Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville, Trinidad, WI and other approved distributors.

What is Polycarbonate?

A polycarbonate is a synthetic resin in which the polymer units are linked through carbonate groups. Polycarbonates can easily be moulded and are used to make lightweight alternatives to glass such as bicycle helmets, microwave cookware and bullet proof windows. Polycarbonates are strong, lightweight and heat resistant.

One main advantage of polycarbonate is its unbeatable strength combined with light weight. While acrylic is 17% stronger than glass, polycarbonate is nearly unbreakable, added to this advantage polycarbonate is just one-third the weight of acrylic, or one-sixth as heavy as glass.

The second largest consumer of polycarbonates worldwide is the construction industry.

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